Party LED Glass

Enhance your party with wide variety of LED Barware like, Martini Glasses, Shot Glasses, Sunglasses, and Glow Sticks!

Stunning assortment of LED colours from Red, Blue, Green, and Multi-colour, to let your party “Rock!”

LED for Martini Glasses have many modes which can be easily activated with a push of a button located at the base of the glass.

LED Shot Glasses are activated when liquid is present in the shot glass.

LED Sunglasses comes with either Red or Blue in colour. Different LED modes are activated with a simple push of the button located at the frame.

LED Glow sticks also come with different modes with every click of the button located at it’s base.

Animal Walkers

Pet Walkers are very popular among kids and even adults.

All Pet walkers are Helium-Filled and floats gently with it’s “legs” acting as the weight, so the kids and “walk” it like a pet and they simply love it!!

We have a wide range of pets which includes;

1) Dalmatians

2) Cats

3) Tigers

4) Pigs

5) Elephants

6) Tortoise

7) Frogs

8) Penguins

9) Hello Kitty

10) Pandas

11) Ladybugs

12) Zebras

13) Ducks

14) Bunnies

15) Daushunds

16) Cows

Foil, Bubble, & Latex Balloons

Leave your party decorating woes to PartySuppliesSingapore!

We have a many different types of balloons to suit your party theme and needs.

We have different balloon materials namely, Foil, Plastic, and Latex to suit different occasions and theme.

Foil balloons give a glistening finish to your party atmosphere which also comes in many different sizes from 9 inch to 64 inch.

Foil balloons are very suitable for bouquet arrangements for gifts and decoration!

Plastic balloons give a bubbly atmosphere for your party with its clear material.

Plastic balloons can last for weeks and has the longest lasting lifespan compared to foil and latex.

Latex balloons are great for decorating the whole party venue with its numerous colours and prints.

Latex balloons are great for take-home gifts for children at your party.

Themed Party Supplies

We provide a one-stop-shop solution for your themed party supplies.

Themes available includes;

1) Spongebob

2) Mickey Mouse

3) Minnie Mouse

4) Disney Princess

5) Barbie

6) 1st Birthday Boy

7) 1st Birthday Girl

8) Cupcake (Blue)

9) Cupcake (Pink)

10) Care Bear (Blue)

11) Care Bear (Pink)

12) Cars (Macqueen)

13) Hello Kitty

14) Winnie The Pooh

15) Barney & Friends

16) Dora the Explorer

17) Smurfs

18) Happy Birthday (Generic)

19) Little Mermaid

20) Angry Bird


Each Theme Set includes;

6 x 7″ Plates          10 x cups                            8 x Knifes

6 x 9″ Plates          12 x Eye Masks                 20pcs Napkins

6 x Party Hats      12 x Straws                         1 x Table Cloth

6 x Blowouts         12 x Invitation Cards     1 x Flag Banner

6 x Horns                8 x Spoons

6 x Treat Bags       8 x Forks